BattleBit Remastered Community Guidelines

Updated February 2024

As an online multiplayer game, community is at the heart of BattleBit. We want to maintain an environment where our community can have fun and feel safe, which is why we’ve created these Community Guidelines. This document describes what is or is not allowed in the game. This applies to all parts of the game, including but not limited to community servers, all text and voice chats, and clans. Violating these Guidelines can lead to your account receiving warnings, or being suspended temporarily or permanently. You are responsible for any violations committed through your account(s).

While the protection of our players is our main priority, we’ve made sure while writing the Community Guidelines that the spirit and fun of communicating with others stays the same and that you don’t feel restricted – let your creativity out!

Do not harass others

Harassment is the intentional action of repeatedly attacking another person or group of people with malicious intent. Playful trash talk is allowed, but we will take action when behavior crosses the line of harassment. Such actions harm people and the community, and will not be tolerated.

Harassment includes threats of real-life violence, malicious impersonation, or other behavior that intentionally impacts others’ gameplay experience in a way that is disproportionately negative with respect to normal gameplay.

  • Engaging in “stream sniping” a content creator.
  • Finding and killing another player repeatedly, with no intent to play the game in good sportsmanship.
  • “Griefing” by repeatedly unbuilding player-made structures with malicious intent.
  • “Griefing” by obstructing another player’s view over an extended period.

Do not engage in hate speech

Hate speech is any behavior that attacks other people based on their Protected Characteristics. We do not want to see any form of hate speech in BattleBit Remastered. Again, playful trash talk is permitted, as long as it is not an attack based on Protected Characteristics.

Protected Characteristics include:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Ethnicity
  • Color
  • Caste
  • Sex
  • Gender
  • Gender Identity
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Disability
  • Immigration Status
  • Using derogatory language or slurs such as the n-word or f-word when the death microphone is activated.
  • Advocating for someone to be harmed on the basis of a Protected Characteristic.
  • Belittling others based on the basis of a Protected Characteristic.

Do not distribute harmful content

Harmful content – any content that causes mental distress or physical harm – is strictly prohibited. This includes disturbing or adult content in your profile picture, malicious links, and harmful misinformation.

  • Sending a message saying that mixing Mercury and Lemon juice is tasty.
  • Sending a message denying the existence of a well-documented genocide.
  • Sending a link to a virus or a jump scare.
  • Displaying a sexually explicit profile picture.

Do not engage in malicious or illegal activities

Malicious or illegal activities are prohibited. This includes but is not limited to doxxing (sharing someone else’s personal information), (Distributed) Denial of Service attacks, spreading child sexual abuse material (CSAM), soliciting sexual content from or engaging in any sexual conduct with anyone under the age of 18, or any indications of such activities.

  • Sending a message containing a residential address.
  • Sending a message containing an (external) IP address.
  • Sending a message offering illegal substances.
  • Sending a link to a website hosting child sexual abuse material.
  • Sending to anyone under the age of 18 a link to sexual content.
  • Sharing sexual experience/advice with anyone under the age of 18.
  • Initiating or threatening to initiate a (D)DoS attack towards a server.

Keep it appropriate

BattleBit Remastered as a game is not the right place to talk about some topics. Conversations revolving around political ideology, religion, sensitive world events, or explicit adult topics are not allowed.

  • Praising their favorite political party or political figure.
  • Promoting a certain religion.
  • Sharing an opinion about an ongoing war.
  • Explicitly detailing a recent sexual experience.
  • Talking descriptively about genitalia.

Keep it clean

BattleBit Remastered wants a coherent chatting experience. You are not allowed to send large amounts of messages or advertise heavily in the game chat.

Voice chat should be fun or informative, not disturbing to others. This means that you can play music or other soundboards over VoIP as long as it does not break any other guidelines listed here. Make sure to check your volume though.

  • Sending the same messages to replace the whole chat box immediately.
  • Sending random strings of messages quickly.
  • Repeatedly sending links/handles to socials.
  • Playing a song or soundboard containing slurs over VoIP (breaks other guidelines, see “Do not engage in hate speech”)
  • Using an overly loud microphone that is disturbing to others.

Respect the game

While it is important that you respect other players, it is also important that you respect the game itself. This means avoiding the abuse of gameplay mechanics to unfairly gain excessive experience, skins, or stats. Additionally, any other actions that manipulate or alter the intended gameplay experience for an unfair advantage over others are also prohibited.

Respecting the game also comes with respecting our decisions, meaning that you are prohibited from using alternative accounts to play while you have an active suspension on another account.

  • Calling friends, killing them and reviving them repeatedly to get experience and kills on certain weapons.
  • Finding a bug to be invincible and using it to capture points and kill opponents.
  • Finding a bug to get into a structure and kill opponents through objects meant to have collision.
  • Installing software to fly or make their weapon aim at people automatically.
  • Installing hardware or software to extract player’s locations from the memory and overlay them on their screen to see them through walls.
  • Purchasing the game on another account to evade a temporary suspension.