Meet the Team


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Lead Dev

The Wizard, Black magic is in his Bones. On a More serious note:
Optimisation fanatic and a true Hardcore fan of anything related shooter games. Every decision he takes always come with the thought of: “If i would play this, would i enjoy it?”


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3D Artist & Head Moderation Team

Average Quack, Creative head who loves to get lost in Detail. Managing Staff and Teams and usually hangs around with the Community alot. Maybe you will be able to catch him if you keep an eye on the Discord.

Also Streams on Twitch, so face might be familiar


Level Designer

Architect with a Passion for game development. Has a Masterplan in mind and loves analysing maps and flow to create Experiences without ever feeling an disadvantage.

Also loves balancing and will critises any small thing that could be unbalanced

Our dedicated support team has been instrumental in making BattleBit Remastered a reality. Without them, it would not have been possible.

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